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On this webpage I want to show, how you could customize your lovely Monchhichi by adding some accessories or doll clothes.
I always look for dresses and acessories mostly at toy stores or doll/teddy stores which could fit for my Monchhichis.
It is a huge fun for me to combine different dresses and accessories which I have found or which I got as presents from dear friends.
I hope I could inspire you with those photos. 

I took the hoody and the trouser from a doll dress for 20 cm dolls.

                                             I took "Crocs" from a doll manufacturer in the smallest size                       and a bag from a toy manufacturer which I shortened for the Monchhichi.

The clothes of the boy are combined out of different Monchhichi series.

On the left side you can see the original Monchhichi, which is an european version...            ...and on the right side the version which I prepared as present for a dear friend in China.



I used the same crocs as at the above Monchhichi girl but in blue. I add a straw hat and earrings, which I took out of my Scrapbook box,
a little bag which I once bought from a woman who sewed dresses for Bebichhichis and a knitted pullover.
With some accessories you have a unique Monchhichi. :o)


I loved to use the earrings once again for one of my Monchhichi girls. She wears a dress from a manufacturer who builds bears and the bag is a mini ring holder.


The shoes are from the "Monchhichi Boutique Shoes".
I am so happy and thankful, that my friend in Japan presented them to me. They are not available in Germany.


I created the outfit for that Flower Power Girl in the year 2001,  which you may know as "Summer" out of the Monchhichi Rockband.
In the past I published a page about how I made her.

The shoes are from the Jamaican Monchhichi series and the bracelet is a ring for kids.


I sewed her also a bag in the same design as her trouser.

I bought the guitars at a fair for doll accessories. They fit perfectly for the Monchhichi. I was so happy.

The mic stand was a present from a dear friend and it has exactly the right size :o)
You can see all musicians at the 
Monchhichi Rockband page.

I had a lot of fun to  build the record player for this DJ Monchhichi.

The dress is from the manufacturer who builds bears, the shoes are from the Bunny Monchhichi friend(20cm) and
the bag and jacket are from the Tokyo fashion Monchhichi series.
Many thanks to my dear friend in Japan, who was so generous to present the "twin tail Monchhichi girl" to me.

I had a lot of fun to sew the dress of that indian girl.


As footband I used rings for kids and I glued bindi stickers onto the headcloth.


The dress of the ballerina is a dress from a 20cm doll.

Here you can see the cute detailed shoes.

The sweet hat was made by a woman who sewed hats for Monhhichis.            The top is from a doll dress which I changed a bit for the Monchhichi size.

The hat was made by the same woman as shown in the photo above.

I thought they perfectly fit together. :o) 

Another cute accessory could be a dog puppy.


This is my vintage Monchhichi handpuppet who is bigger than the normal sized Monchhichis
and she could wear dresses out of a Hello Kitty dress line. Every dress you see here is from a Hello Kitty series.




The left dress was a doll dress which was presented to me from a dear american friend and it fits perfect.
The hat is from a manufacturer who builds bears. And at the right photo I used Hello Kitty clothes at top and the trouser was sewed by me.

The dress was a doll dress which I got as present from a dear american friend. Looks very cute :o)

The focus here are the bags, who are presented to me from dear friends from Japan and China,
 who are so creative to made them as handcraft.

Many thanks to my dear friend in Hong Kong who presented these cute keychain Monchhichis and
those artful handcrafted cakes and desserts to me.

Perfect cakes and desserts!

The dress was made by a woman who sewes dresses for Bebichhichis. The doll was a gift at christmas in a shop where I bought a Teddy.

The whole design of this surfer girl is out of different parts. The hair tie is for little kids.
The headband is taken from an old Monchhichi which once was presented to me together with other vintage Monchhichis who belonged to the daughters of a colleague.
The top and the trouser is from a doll dress. The surfboard was in a TY teddy set.

The hair clip is from doll accessories, the chain was made by me. the bag is from a doll set.
The top, jacket, skirt and shoes was taken from different Monchhichi series.

 The dress was from a doll set and the bag was presented to me from a dear friend.
I put the Hello Kitty strip at the bag, because I like accessories at bags also at my own bags :o)


I made this couple in the year 2002 and the background in dependence on the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey".


This fairy is made out of a doll set. The bracelet is a ring for kids.


The Firefighter is completely a Ty set which I bought at the JFK airport in NYC in december 2001.


Did you know, that Monchhichis are very sporty. Give them a tool and they will use it :o)

You may noticed, that the photos are getting smaller, because they are older and made with less kbyte.


The boy wears shoes from a doll series. The dog was a present from a dear friend, but fits perfectly. The iglo was selfmade by me :o)
The Eskimo copule stand in front of a sledge, which was a christmas decoration.


I had a lot of fun to build these winter outfits.
On the left at the Snowboarder you see a complete TY set and on the rigth side at the Skier the skis were made out of a deco material from me.


I created this Indian with a Turban. The top was sewed by me. The snake was a toy and the baskets are deco material.

...and he has a flying carpet :o)


I am so happy that I have that Scottish couple, because only the dress of the scottish boy is original. The dress of the scottish girl is from a doll set.


The painter wears a dress from a doll set. The unframed painting is from me (Hihi). The colour palette is from doll accessories.
And I bought the framed paintings once at a christmas market.


The soccer player wears a mixture out of different doll sets.

More to watch about Monchhichi Accessories on this page:

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