Welcome to my World of Monchhichi!

I started to collect these cute monkeys, when I was 11 years old. 


The three friends above are my first Monchhichis. 
They belong to the original generation, because of their blue eyes.
The most standard Monchhichis today have brown eyes.

    Are you also a friend of those little monkeys? 
I am always happy to get
from other Monchhichi-fans.

 Well, make yourself comfortable.
Sit down and take a little time to surf through this site.
I had many fun while collecting all the photos and pictures for you.
I hope, that you will have a good time with it.











Dear Monchhichi-fan here you´ll see a lot of photos which I took from my Monchhichis.
I am happy to share them with you. The most Monchhichis are dressed originally like from the manufacturer Sekiguchi.
But some special Monchhichis wear a unique clothing which you will only find on my homepage.
In those cases the dress is
My Own Creation. I use self knitted clothes or dresses which are from other doll manufacturers.

The Monchhichis are often dressed in asian costumes.
I am always interested in the meaning of those asian dresses and I try to describe them on the websites where they appear.
I mark them with the word
Description. I hope you will enjoy them.

The Photo Gallery begins with the oldest photos (No.01) which I made in the year 2000. 

A Sneak Preview of the Photo Gallery :



    Welcome to the Monchhichi cafe            Monchhichi Easter 2013        Hina Matsuri 2013          

Monchhichis at Setsubun     Happy 39th Birthday Monchhichi     Monchhichi New Year Kite Fkying            

   Monchhichi like the Oktoberfest        New Toy in Town        
                                                                                              Monchhichis meet Goethe               Very british, darling!       Ginger and Fred     Monchhichi friends visit a shoe shop    Monchhichi in Australia                                                                                                
Monchhichi Easter 2012     Year of the dragon 2012     Hina Matsuri 2012    Welcome New Baby    Happy Valentine's Day

Happy 38th Birthday Monchhichi    Monchhichis celebrate New Year    Happy New Year from your friend Heike   Christmas with the Monchhichis   Monchhichi in the choco marshmallow factory    Happy Halloween 2011    

Customized Monchhichis   Monchhichi Rockband   DJ Monchhichi   Emily in Japan   Monchhichis Are Globetrotters   Monchhichis Love Cupcake   Koinobori   

Heike's Monchhichi Chain For Japan   Girlpower   Monchhichi in Colorado USA 2004    Bebichhichi Christmas 2004   Bebichhichi

Photo Gallery

01. My Showcases 2001

02. Nearly the whole gang 2000

03. Grandpa and Grandma 2001

04. Little Chhichis 2001  

05. Farmerboy and Girl 2000

06. Big Chhichis 2000

07. Girl in flower-dress

08. Hip Hop Boy

09. Pullover Boy and Pullover Girl

10. Fisherboy

11. Fisherboy sucking

12. Boy in red coat

13. Two good friends at the day

14. Two good friends in the night

15. My very first Monchhichi

16. Baseball-Guy

17. A Bee

18. Baby with her stuff

19. Taking care of the Baby

20. Girl and Baby

21. Baby in Bed

22. Wedding Album 

23. A Day in the Alps

24. Good Night my Love

25. Indian Summer

26. In the School 

27. It´s Winter! 

28. Two big friends 

29. Now it´s Tool Time

30. Music Man

31. Happy Thanksgiving!

32. It´s raining again

33. Girl and Boy 2000 

34. Jogger 

35. Cool Boys

36. Sporty Girl 

37. Hawai is sunny 

38. Girl and Boy 007 

39. Zen Monchhichis Description 

40. Swimmers

41. Flower Power Girl My Own Creation

42. Flower Power Girl In Progress My Own Creation

43. Indian Girl My Own Creation

44. Ballerina My Own Creation

45. Ballerina´s room My Own Creation

46. Fairy My Own Creation

47. Soccerplayer My Own Creation

48. Little Sister My Own Creation

49. Market

50. Flower Woman

51. Fish Dealer

52. Greengrocer

53. Baker

54. Sushi Man

55. Asian Legends Description

56. Hokkaido Description

57. Japanese Girl and Boy Description

58. Angels

59. Balloon Boy My Own Creation

60. Painter My Own Creation

61. Indian My Own Creation

62. Happy Halloween 2001

63. Motor-Cycle Kids

64. Splish Splash!

65. Brave Indian

66. Helicopter Rescue

67. In The Snow

68. At The Beach

69. Happy Easter!

70. Camping

71. The Big One

72. School Enrolment

73. Fun in the boat

74. Chimney-Sweep

75. Smart Girl

76. Billards

77. Night of Zen

78. Mini Monchhichi

79. Plush

80. Cardigan Girl and Boy

81. Jeans Boy

82. Country Girl

83. Cheerleader

84. Scottish Girl My Own Creation

85. Delay Timer Monchhichi Photos

86. Happy Birthday to you! updated 01-26-2013

87. Hina Matsuri Description 03-03-2002 and updated 03-03-2012, 05-03-2013

88. Happy Easter! 

89. 2001-A Space Odyssey Description 

90. Snowboarder My Own Creation 

100. The Band 

101. Firefighter My Own Creation 

102. Happy Halloween 2002 My Own Creation 

103. Christmas 2002 

104. Eskimos 

105. Valentine's Day 

106. Mohair Monchhichis 

107. Mohair Bebichhichis

108. Scottish Girl and Boy 

109. Heidi 

110. British Girl 

111. Vintage Couple 

112. Lullaby 

113. Native American Couple 

114. Cowboy 

115. Vintage Boy

116. Skier My Own Creation 

117. Piano Girl 

118. Vintage Handpuppet

119. Boy with Dog

120. Lotta and Maron 

121. Maron in Germany 

122. Lotta in Japan 

123. Bebichhichi 

124. Bebichhichi Christmas 2004   2004

125. Monchhichi in Colorado USA 2004   2004

     126. Girlpower 2010

     127. Heike's Monchhichi chain for Japan   03-28-2011

     128. Koinobori   04-09-2011 Description 

129. Monchhichis love cupcakes  06-13-2011  

     130. Monchhichis are Globetrotters  07-16-2011 

     131. Emily in Japan 08-15-2011 
     132. DJ Monchhichi 08-20-2011

     133. Monchhichi Rockband 08-22-2011

     134. Customized Monchhichis 08-30-2011

     135. Happy Halloween 10-22-2011,10-31-2012, 10-31-2013

     136. Monchhichi in the Choco Marshmallow factory 11-20-2011

     137. Christmas with the Monchhichis 12-25-2011
138. Happy New Year!

139. Monchhichis celebrate New Year
01-01-2012 and updated 01-01-2013 Description 
     140. Happy Valentine's Day 02-14-2012 and updated 14-02-2015 
     141. Welcome new baby! 02-22-2012

        142. Shirley Monchhichi 03-04 2012 MCC Blog
    143. Year of the dragon 2012  03-21-2012 Description 
144. Monchhichi Easter
 04-14-2012 and updated 03-29-2013 Descriptio

        145. Bebichhichi Wedding Couple 05-06-2012 MCC Blog

      146. Monchhichi in Australia 05-17-2012  

     145. Cherry in Germany 06-30-2012 

     146. Monchhichi friends visit a shoe shop 07-08-2012
     147. Very british, darling! 07-19-2012

     148. summer of 2012   08-14-2012

     149. Monchhichis meet Goethe  08-25-2012

     150. New toy in Town 09-09-2012

     151. Monchhichi like the Oktoberfest 10-06-2012

     153. Monchhichis at the christmas market in Heidelberg 12-18-2012
     154. Christmas Monchhichi Elf Village 12-25-2012
     155. Monchhichis at Setsubun 02-03-2013

     156. Monchhichi Carnival 13-02-2013

Welcome to the Monchhichi cafe   13-10-2013

     158. Monchhichi Cowgirl and Cowboy

     159. Hanami  04-24-2014

        160. My new cute Alpaca Monchhichi 01-18-2015  MCC Blog

        161. Kawaii Girl 01-24-2015  MCC Blog




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