Some years ago I began to exchange my Monchhichis with the Monchhichis of my friends worldwide.
That is a lot of fun for me. My Monchhichi travels to spots I have never been and it is like I was there.
Please click on the photos below and you will reach the exchange diaries of every Monchhichi.

Here are the exchange groups:

Cherry, Miffy and Emily

Lotta and Maron

Cherry, Miffy and Emily  

Cherry in Germany: June 2012 - today

Miffy in Germany : August 2011 - today

mily in Japan: August 2011 - today
Copyright of the basic Monchhichi photo by Kaoru Suga.
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Lotta and Maron
April 2004 - December 2006

Copyright of this Monchhichi photo by Hiromi.
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Copyright of Monchhichi photos by Heike Andrea Grote.
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